No More C.R.A.P.
Children Ripped Apart from Parents
We are thankful for all of you!
No More C.R.A.P. would not be in existence were it not for the numerous corporations, foundations, individuals, volunteers, and communities making a difference in the lives of children. Many of you wish to remain anonymous but please know that we truly appreciate your servant hearts and kind acts of gratitude.

Goff Public
Concord Printing
Best Buy Corporation
Davanni's - Grand Avenue
Dunn Brothers Coffee - Hugo
Trent Tucker, NBA
Darrel Trulson
Steve Koerselman
Deborah and Jim Young
Rob and Ruslana Westerlund
Jay Caspillo                                                                                                                          
Dr. Shantay Bolton
Debbie Stocco
Troy Erickson
Anita Giles
Trent Anderson
Kirk Harrington
Shayna Ward
Sean Alderson
Annette Craig
Jackie Adair
Dawn and Michael Underland
Jill Kohler
Steve Page
Maya Corey
Chris and Terri Counts