No More C.R.A.P.
Children Ripped Apart from Parents
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Who We Are
No More C.R.A.P. is a 501c3 organization (status pending) based in Minnesota that is dedicated to fulfilling its mission through dynamic programming responsive to the needs of diverse communities. Although our organization's inception year is 2006, its official launch as a non profit organization began in 2011. According to the United States Accountability Office, approximately five children die each day as a result of child abuse. On a national scale, more than 3 million child abuse cases are reported (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services). The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports an alarming growth rate in kidnapping cases each year as well. This is simply not acceptable.

No More C.R.A.P. seeks to end the cycle of children being abused and kidnapped; and families being ripped apart from one another. No child or family should ever have to endure the emotional, mental, and physical scars these situations often cause. Statistics

Our Mission: To strengthen and restore the family bond by developing initiatives to prevent child abuse and kidnapping.

Our Vision: To be the leading worldwide organization providing services that decrease child abuse and kidnapping while promote healthy parenting; alternative discipline methods; and cultivating strong families.


Rolanda L. Schmidt (formerly DelaMartinez), Ph.D., Executive Director

Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Benson, Cardinal Stritch University

Advisory Board

Trent Tucker, NBA
Troy Erickson, Greenhaven Printing